William Stewien Testimonal

Basically we were on a delivery from FLL to BVI and shot through the gap just south of great Abaco Bahamas. The sea's were a bit rolly but I noticed that the flying fish were jumping everywhere. I had a good feeling and sent out some lure's hoping for a bite. As per normal I alway put on a red and black squid and not even 10 min later my rod is screaming, lost huge wahoo jumping out the water with my favorite lure hanging off his gills(knew i needed steal wire). At this point I was determined to catch me a monster so put on the biggest lure in the tackle box, you know what the say "big lures catch big fish". It was just moments later that I saw what looked like a croc smashing my lure and it was on. Gave me a run for my money however after 40 - 45mins I pulled the monster close enough that he was jumping right off the back of the boat. My adrenaline boasted once again and managed to land the biggest Mahi-Mahi I have ever seen weighing close to 30kg.

Again big thanks for the great gear and hope there is more successful stories to come.

William Stewien
William Stewien 30KG Very large bull Mahi-Mahi Abaco Bahamas.

Mahi-Mahi on the end of William Stewien fishing line.

Bahamas Mahi-Mahi sports fishing.

Blue and Pink trolling lure hooks big Mahi-Mahi.