How to fill your teaser with bait chum burley

All Scent Blazer teaser come with a chum, bait or burley chamber. This can be filled so bits drop out of the chamber and leave a scent trail behind your boat. Like humans, game fish are stimulated by scent. Lean how to rig your big game fishing teaser.

Scent Blazer teaser trolling off North Head Port Jackson

Scent Blazer teasers can be filled with bait chum or burley.


Teaser bait chum burley

What you need is a knife cutting board bait chum or burley and your Scent Blazer trolling teasers.


Whole bait pieses

Fill your trolling teaser with whole bait.


Bait pieces

You can also cut bait chum or burley into pieces.


Teaser filled with pieces burley bait or chum.

As the teaser is trolled bait chum or burley pieces leave a scent behind your boat.


Small Trolling Teaser

Scent Blazer teaser come in a small and a large versions.


Trolling teaser


Scent Blazer big teasers


two pice trolling lure

Screw teaser together and your ready to troll.


game fishing teaser


Add floats to your trolling teasers.

Add floats to you big game teaser to change the swiming action.


game teaser


Troll teaser backwards for forwards.

This game fishing teaser can run backwards for forwards.


Mackerel fishing teaser

Teasers come in may types and colors and fish patterns.


Scent Blazer trolling teaser chain filled with chum.

You can chain your trolling teasers together.


Scent Blazer game fishing trolling teaser rigged and ready to troll.

Scent Blazer trolling teaser rigged and ready to deep sea troll.