How to fill your lure with bait chum burley

All Scent Blazer lures come with a chum, bait or burley chamber. This can be filled so bits drop out of the chamber and leave a scent trail behind your boat. Like humans, game fish are stimulated by scent. Lean how to rig you lure with one hook.

Knife cutting bait chum burley pieces.

Cut bait into small pieces using a bait knife.

Add bait chum burley to the back of your trolling lure.

Open the back of the lure and add bait, chum or burley.

Scent Blazer bait stick and trolling lure.

Use your Scent Blazer bait stick to pack the bait, chum or burley into the chamber.

Lure chamber with bait, chum or burley.

As you pack lure bait, chum or burley will spill out through the sides.

Lure chamber with hook lock.

Screw back the lure cap and hook lock and your ready to troll.

Bait chum or burley chamber.

As you can see the bait, chum or burley spill from all sides of the Scent Blazer trolling lure.

Scent Blazer Lure

Your deep water trolling lure is now ready.