How To rig a long J hook

Long J Hook?  What's this all about you may say. It's about a better hookup rate. For years we did it the way everybody else did, same old way passed down from father to son from fisher to fisher. Not anymore!

We had a lot of fish throw their hooks over many years. We then found, that by making a long flexible J trolling hook it would reduce the throw rate. As you can see from the image below the Marlin was caught by this J hook method. As a fish thrashes about the hook can't turn out or swing out.

Marlin hooked with a long J hook.
Trolling lure red with red rigging sleeve and trolling hook.

Rigging sleeves turn a J hook into a long J hook.

Scent Blazer red rigging sleeve and J trolling hook.

The rigging sleeve keeps the hook in position.

Trolling hook and trace crimped together.

When crimping, flange the hook side.

Crimped trolling hook.

Crimp helps to keep hook stiff.

Crimped hook

Ready to add rigging sleeve./

Rigging Sleeve

Push rigging sleeve all the way down over the hook.

hook and blue rigging sleeve

Push until tight, this will make it very stiff.

yellow rigging sleeve

Rigging sleeves come in a range of colors.

Green trolling lure rigged with rigging sleeve.

Trolling lure rigged with rigging sleeve.

long Trolling J hook.

The long J hook makes it harder to throw.