Fine Tuning The Spread

The key is to ensure that all the lures run in clear water and not in the prop wash. The wake conceals the lures, making it difficult for a predator to spot.

If you don’t believe me then jump in and watch the boat go past it really is amazing just how well the foamy prop  wash conceals everything.

Outriggers are essential for trolling but they need to be set up correctly to maximise their effectiveness. A decent set of outriggers will naturally run the lures in clear water. Every boat produces a different wake.

On some boats the flat lines will need to be set further back or half way along the outriggers to avoid the white water. The trick is to experiment to ensure your lures run in the clear.

Setting the lures at different distances will not only make the spread look more natural, but will also reduce the chance of tangles. When set up correctly a boat should be able to execute tight turns without the chance of the lines tangling.

Perfecting the tangle free spread is simply a matter of trial and error and can take some practice.

Top view of a trolling lure fishing spread.

Front view of a trolling lure fishing spread.

Side view of a trolling lure fishing spread.