Fish Early and Late

Some of the best fishing I have had is is right on dusk so I highly recommend you stay out till its dark. Anglers shouldn’t be afraid of traveling  at night with modern electronics and reliable four strokes means it is a breeze these days.

In the US anglers catch a lot of fish at night so it is high time we started exploring the dark side.

Trolling is a high effective technique for tuna, especially big ones. The fact that you can troll as fast as ten knots means you can really cover some ground. The best way to figure out what works best in your area is by time on the water and there is no better excuse to go fishing!

Tuna are most active early morning and late arvo. At places like Bermagui or Jervis Bay where the shelf is just a short run offshore means a predawn start.

Alternately in places like Sydney where it is a big run an arvo run is a better option.