The ultimate spread

A larger 14inch lure runs up short on the port outrigger. A heavy lure, that digs in and creates an enticing splash like a feeding tuna, sits very well in this position. The key factor for the lure in this position is for it to splash a lot, because the lure is competing with the boat, for the fish’s attention. This is a very productive position for blue and striped marlin.

Next is the long corner, which is home to a smaller 10 to 12-½ inch lure. Sitting behind the ‘rigger lure in clean water makes this position ideal for a lure that creates a long smoke trail (bubble trails). It is deadly on tuna, wahoo and marlin.

The short corner is the place for your biggest lure. Being close to the boat it is essential that this lure has a lot of action and splashes continuously. Like the short rigger it must compete with the boat and teaser to gain the fish’s attention. Dark colours that stand out against the wash, like purple and dark blue, will increase the number of bites on this position. This is the favourite position for blue marlin bites.

The long rigger sits only slightly further back than the other outrigger. Skirted lures that dive deep and create little surface commotion make this a favourite for striped marlin, yellowfin and even sailfish. It is consistently the most productive spot in the whole spread on my boat. I favour a 121/2  lure in this position.