Trolling to success

Bluewater trolling is often described as ‘hours of boredom, minutes of mayhem’. Yet those minutes of mayhem, as a school of tuna strike every lure in the spread or you get the crashing strike of a blue marlin, is always worth the wait. The most common lures used for off shore trolling are the skirted lures which are believed to have originated in the Hawaiian Islands.

Lure trolling has evolved into a highly successful technique that is responsible for the downfall of more gamefish than any other offshore technique. Marlin have always been the primary target, but they work on a wide range of species. In fact, now that anglers are also running deep diving lures, like the ever reliable Halco Laser Pros and Tremblers, into the spread suddenly they are catching a whole lot more tuna, dolphin and wahoo.

Despite the effectiveness of bluewater trolling it is a technique that is not easily mastered, especially when compared to the relatively easier technique of trolling live baits. Luckily, in recent years, offshore experts have begun to reveal their secrets and help anglers skip a few steps in the learning process. Having said that, there is no substitute for time on the water.

The more miles you cover, the more fish you will encounter and the more you will learn. There is a steep learning curve to become proficient at bluewater trolling.