Fishing Report From Maarten de Roeper In Teneriffe

Finally went fishing again.

I put two Scent Blazer lures and 3 lures of another brand behind the boat.

The water was a perfect blue with small waves and it was sunny. I used the medium Red/Black Squid lure and the Mini Dorado. Of course filled with a sardine.

I also filled two big teasers with sardines and put them behind the boat. The medium Red/Black Squid was on the left outrigger further out and the Dorado lure was closer to the boat.

After 1 hour trolling we had a Blue Marlin behind the boat but it did not take any lure.

Then after another hour there was a White Marlin and it took the Dorado lure. Yes we got him. I was trolling between 5.5 and 6 knots. When I saw the White Marlin I pushed the gas up to 6.5 to tease the Marlin.  After 40 minutes ( on a 50 pounds reel and rod) we had the Marlin by the boat. The hook was perfectly hooked in the bill! That means that the hooks are very sharp and very strong!

After that we continued trolling  without any action.

Of course we released the Marlin.


Maarten de Roeper Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin Maarten de Roeper