Salt N Glass Trolling for Marlin
Trolling a spread of Scentblazer lures

Last Saturdays game plan was to troll around the area north of the 12 mile reef, find some nice bait schools, and then work the live baits through the school. It ended up being pretty hard to find significant schools of bait out there and the VHF was going off with hook ups, so we stuck with trolling a spread of Scentblazer lures. We ended up going 3-3-1 (3 marlin sighted, 3 hooked, and 1 caught). The first fish was a feisty small black marlin that took the lumo sprocket in the shotgun position. I paid the price for forgetting the TLD 25 reel had not been re-spooled for the last 2 years and the line became a little old and crusty. With the pre-measured 5.5kg of drag set on the reel, mid way through the small blacks blistering first run the line failed and the fish swam away with the lure in tow. The angry fish continued to jump around the boat until it threw the hook and swam off unimpeded, lure lost to the abyss, but fish free, phew!

Heading out towards the shelf a flyfing fish coloured cup faced scent blazer lure packed with yellowtail was taken by a Striped Marlin. With only 2 of us onboard, by the time we had the teaser and other 2 lines in, the fish had taken against 7.5kg of drag the 300m topshot of 50lb mono and 600m of 50lb braid underneath! Just in time as the spool of the Tyrnos 30 was near empty we had the boat turned and were gaining line. The fish went deep and the fight ensued for over 1.5 hours, it was clear from the initial run and the lack of jumps that the fish had been tail wrapped. As we pulled the fish up from the depths


James Ibrahim

Marlin under boat shot on a underwater dome camera.

Marlin on a Scent Blazer with Evil skirt.

Marlin jumping out of the water.