Scent Blazer Trolling Lures Overview

How they work

When the lure is trolled, water enters the lure from holes in the front. The water then passes over the bait inside the chamber and exits the lure infused with bait leaving a trail of scent and small bait pieces directly behind the lure, they literally smell and taste like real fish.

The lures have been tested extensively on the east coast of Australia, Hawaii and Mexico for the past three years. The testing was done by comparing some of the current trolling lures in the maketplace versus the Scent Blazer prototype lures which were loaded with bait. To make the test fair the skirt colors and head shapes of the lures tested were identical.

The testing proved beyond a doubt that a Scent Blazer Lure loaded with bait out-fished any of the other trolling lures in the marketplace today by approximately 5 to 1.

As further testimony in almost all cases of multiple hookups the Scent Blazer Lures that were loaded with bait were always taken or hit first no matter where they were in the spread.

Scent Blazer trolling lures are not just limited to putting bait inside them. The trolling lures can also be loaded with weights, glow sticks, rattles, led lights. artificial fish attractants, fish stimulants, and more. Which means you can control the lures weight, swimming action, sound, luminosity and much, much more. You’re in control of the lure. They appeal to more of the fishes senses than other trolling lure which mean you will get more strikes and catch more fish.

Trolling Lures Overview Lures

Lure Features

Chamber inside lure head

Scent Blazer trolling lures have a hollow chamber inside the head of the lure. The chamber allows game fishermen to insert weights, rattles, beads, baits, LED lights, light sticks and more. The fisherman can alter the weight of the lure, the look of lure and the scent of the lure. Game fishermen can use as many or as few of these options. Scent Blazer trolling lures are  completely customizable and put the game fisherman in control.

Chamber Inside Thead Of Trolling Lure

Bait Chamber, Cone Piece and Hook Lock

These 3 pieces are the core of Scent Blazer’s new revolutionary trolling lures. The bait chamber and cone piece easily allows the placement of REAL BAIT and artificial fish attractants inside the lure. The Scent Blazer patented design allows water to enter the lure from holes in the front which flows over the bait inside the chamber. This releases the bait’s scent directly behind the lure. The trolling lure actually tastes like a real fish, which means you will get more marlin, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, wahoo, dorado, dolphin fish or any game fish you are targeting.

The Hook Lock is optional to use, it simply clips into the back of the cone piece. Push the crimp of your rig into the middle of the Hook Lock which forms a tight grip around the crimp and locks the hook in a fixed direction. Setting the hook in a fixed position is especially good for getting a good hook-up rate on Marlin.

Trolling Lure With Bait Chamber Cone Piece Hook Lock

Bait Chamber, Cone Piece and Hook Lock. The Bait Chamber screws onto the back of the trolling lure’s head.

Hook Lock

Set the hook(s) in a fixed position on your trolling lure. The Hook Lock is made from a rubberised flexible material and simply clips onto the back of the Cone Piece of the trolling lure. To set the hook in fixed position push the crimp of your rig inside the middle hole of the Hook Lock. It will form a tight grip on the crimp due to the rubberised material. You may need to push the crimp in with long nosed pliers as it will go in tightly.

The Hook Lock is also designed to come away from lure when a large game fish is hooked, so the hook section will separate away from the trolling lure and the trolling lure will slide up the trace.

Experienced game fishermen know what an advantage having the lure slide away frorm the hook is. When a Marlin is hooked it will try vigorously to shake the lure free. If the lure is near the hook then the weight of the lure actually helps the Marlin throw the hook and lure. If the lure slides away then then the Marlin is only trying to shake off the hook section which is very light. So it is much harder for Marlin to throw the hook.

Additionally there are 3 small holes around the back of the Hook Lock.  Light sticks or glow sticks can easily be inserted in these holes. This is particularly useful when trolling on heavily overcast/rainy days or at night for Swordfish. It illuminates the back of the trolling lure and make it easier for game fish to see the lure.

Trolling Lure With Hook Lock Game Fishing

Hook Lock clipped onto the back of the Cone Piece and the crimp of the rig is pushed inside the Hook Lock to set the hook in a fixed position.

Trolling Lure With Hook Lock Night Trolling

Hook Lock with light sticks or glow sticks inserted inside it. The trolling lure is illuminated.

Glow in the dark eyes All resin head Scent Blazer trolling lures come with glow in the dark eyes. Great when it's overcast, rainy or trolling at night.

Trolling Lure With Glow The Dark Eyes

Inserting and Removing Bait

Inserting Bait

1. Unscrew the Bait Chamber from the trolling lure head.

Inserting Bait Inside A Scent Blazer Trolling Lure Step 1

2. Cut a piece of bait and insert it into the Bait Chamber. You don’t have to cut the bait too fine, a piece that is about the same size as the Bait Chamber of the trolling lure is suitable. Use any kind of bait you like or use combinations, like squid and sardines together.  Create your own bait cocktails to put inside the trolling lures.

Try to use baits local to your fishing area, you will find they work better because that is what the local fish are feeding on.

If you want to make the trolling lures as natural as possible put bait inside that matches the color of the trolling lure. For example put Sardines inside a Sardine colored trolling lure, put Skipjack Tuna inside a Skipjack Tuna colored lure, put Squid inside a Bronze Squid colored trolling lure, etc, etc.

This means when a predatory game fish comes up behind a Scent Blazer trolling lure it will believe it is a real bait fish. Think about it, the trolling lure is the right color in relation to the scent and smell of the lure just like real bait fish. So the pelagic fish will think the trolling lure is real and they will strike and strike again at the lure until it's hooked.

Inserting Bait Inside A Scent Blazer Trolling Lure Step 2

3. Use the bait stick that comes with lure to push the bait into the bait chamber if required.

Inserting Bait Inside A Scent Blazer Trolling Lure Step 3

4. Screw the Bait Chamber back onto the trolling lure and get ready to catch game fish.

Inserting Bait Inside A Scent Blazer Trolling Lure Step 4

Removing the bait from the lure

1. Unscrew the Bait Chamber and Cone Pieces.

Removing Bait From A Scent Blazer Trolling Lure Step 1

2. Use the thicker end of the Bait Stick supplied to simply push out the bait from the Bait Chamber. Any bait that in the head of the trolling lure or in the Cone Peices can be removed by using the hook end of the Bait Stick.

Removing Bait From A Scent Blazer Trolling Lure Step 2
IMPORTANT: Remember to remove all the remaining bait from the trolling lure at the end of the day's fishing before putting your lures away.

Inserting weights, rattles and lights

Inserting weights and rattles/beads

Weights and beads can be rigged directly onto the trace of the rig.  When using a fishing sinker for the weight(s), it's recommended that you use Tungsten sinkers as they denser and stronger.

Beads and Tungsten sinkers will act as a rattle when the lure is trolled.  They will hit and rattle against the inside chamber of the trolling lure as the lure is being pulled along.

Being able to load weights inside the trolling lure has several advantages.

Firstly, it allows game fishermen to make the lure as heavy or as light as they want. Even a small Scent Blazer trolling lure like a 9” lure loaded with a few Tungsten sinkers will weigh more than a 12” or 15” resin trolling lure from another manufacturer. A heavier trolling lure is better on rough days as it will  dig into the surface chop and waves. When there are smooth, calm conditions a lighter lure is better as it is preferable that the lure bubbles along the surface. With every Scent Blazer trolling lure the flexibility to easily change the weight of the lure is right there in the hands of the sports fisherman.

Secondly, the weights hit and push against the bait inside the trolling lure making it act like a bait masher. The bait inside the trolling lure is constantly being hit and pushed towards the holes of the Bait Chamber and Cone Piece meaning that the bait will break off slowly behind the lure plus the oil and juices of the bait are getting squeezed out and released directly behind the lure.

Thirdly, it will give the lure a better swimming action because the Tungsten sinker will slide back and forth inside the chamber of the trolling lure, which will give the trolling lure a jerking action.

Fourthly, it will act as rattle and make the trolling lure noisy.

Fifthly, it makes it easy to get the bait out of the trolling lure. The Tungsten sinker/weight is in front of the bait, so at the end of the day's game fishing simply unscrew the Cone Piece and jerk the lure, this will easily knock out all the remaining bait in the lure.

Insert Weights Rattles Inside A Scent Blazer Trolling Lure

Trolling lure rigged with a Tungsten sinker as a weight and some plastic beads. The combination of these 2 items will give the trolling lure weight and act as a rattle.

Inserting lights

Glow sticks or chemcial light sticks can be added inside the lure, the Bait Chamber and also inserted into the Hook Lock.

This allows the game fisherman to light up the whole or part of the trolling lure. This is particularly useful when game fishing early in the morning, late afternoon, on heavily overcast or rainy days. It makes the trolling lure highly visible to game fish in any poor light conditions.

When the lure is illuminated it can also be used for trolling at night targeting fish like Swordfish and Tuna. The Scent Blazer crew has had success using the lures at night catching Tuna in total darkness.

The combination of having the bait inside the lure and the light sticks is dynamite - visibility and scent.

Small LED lights can also be inserted in the trolling lure. The Scent Blazer trolling lure head is transparent so it will magnify any light inside the chamber.

Any light sticks. chemical light sticks, glow sticks or small LED lights are suitable to use inside a Scent Blazer trolling lure. These are readily available at most tackle shops.

Insert Glow Sticks And Light Sticks Inside A Scent Blazer Trolling Lure

Scent Blazer trolling lure with chemical light sticks inside the body of the lure, the Bait Chamber and inserted into the Hook Lock.

Scent Blazer Trolling Lure With LED Light Inside

9”Scent Blazer trolling lure with small LED light inside. The head of the trolling lure is transparent so it magnifies any light inside. On an overcast day or even at night the Scent Blazer trolling lure is highly visible and with bait inside it makes it irresistible to any predatory game fish.