Float rig using a bait chamber or burley/chum cage

Scent Blazer bait chambers can be used for attracting to fish to the area by inserting the chamber with bait, burley or chum.

A baited hook is rigged near the bait chamber filled with burley, bait or chum which the fish cannot get to because the cage, so the fish bite harder and more aggressively on the exposed baited hook.

Step 1

Run line though the centre hole of all pieces and screw together.

float fishing rig bait chamber burley cage 3

Step 2

Rig up a floating fishing rig as shown below with running sinker above the bait chamber so it pushes bait chamber with burley, chum or bait inside it down towards the baited hook.

To use unscrew peices and add the bait, burley or chum inside bait chamber.

Float fishing rig bait chamber burley cage.