18"/45cm Blue Luminator
Glow in the dark blue trolling lure 45cm 18 inch X-Large slant head trolling lure with blue Luminator skirt and yellow stripes along each side. Blue Luminator SK17-15 and SK17-29 Blue Luminator Foil trolling skirt. Comes with chum chamber and bait packing and cleaning stick.
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These trolling lures have the unique ability to be loaded with bait and come complete with a bait stick to easily add or remove bait.

Water intakes at the front allow water to pass over the bait inside leaving a trail of the bait’s scent directly behind the lure which means predatory fish will not only see the lure but smell and taste what’s inside.

Also included are light sticks for night time fishing which insert into the hook lock at the back of the bait chamber. The hook lock allows you to fix your hooks in a locked position.

The Scent Blazer lure’s bait chamber can also be loaded with other fish attractants, lights, weights, rattles and sinkers allowing you to control the lure’s scent, look and swimming action.

Rigged Lure

This lure comes in a rigged version as well as unrigged.

Lures are rigged with game fishing trolling hooks made from sharpened stainless steel and high quality shock absorbing stretchable monofilament leader.

A Scent Blazer rigging sleeve is colour matched to the trolling lure skirt pattern, the hook is set upright in the hook lock and the lure is weighted accordingly.

Your trolling lure will be rigged to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rules for fishing in saltwater, accepted by sports fishers worldwide.


Scent Blazer® trolling lure specifications
Model: TLXL1-14
Size: X-Large
Head Type: Slant
Head Length: 4 1/4" / 105mm
Head Diameter: 2 3/8" / 60mm
Skirt Type: Blue Luminator
Skirted Weight: 18.5oz / 525g
Skirted Length: 18" /45cm