Game fishing skirted trolling lures.
Skirted trolling lure rigged pack with swag bag and teaser.
Big game skirted trolling lures daisy chain.
Big game trolling teaser you put bait inside.
Trolling lure bait chum chamber.
Trolling lure replacement skirts.
Fishing tube sleeves for trolling lures and hooks.
Sports fishing big game trolling hooks.
Trolling lure LED lights.
Deepsea big game swag bags to carry tackle.

Game fish trolling lures you fill with bait.

Scent Blazer trolling lures taste and smell like a real bait fish because you put real bait inside them.

Place baits like Ballyhoo, Mackerel, Sardines, Pilchards, Squid, or Tuna inside the chamber. When the lure is trolled, water passes over the bait inside leaving a trail of the bait's scent and small bait pieces directly behind the trolling lure. The trolling lure actually TASTES LIKE A REAL FISH!

It's a fact that all game fish have an acute sense of smell. This makes these trolling lures the most effective trolling lures for Marlin, Sailfish, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Albacore, Mackerel, Dolphin Fish and all other game fish.

Available in: 16 colors, 6 sizes from 6" to 18", 5 head shapes


Big game fishing teasers you fill with bait to leave a burley trail behind your boat.

Scent Blazer bowling pin teasers leave a chum/burley trail that fish can follow directly to the back of your boat.

The bowling pin teasers have water intakes at the front which connect into a large perforated chamber which screws off and allows you to place baits like Mackerel, Tuna, Ballyoo, Sardines, Squid or any type of bait inside.

When trolled the bait's scent and small bait pieces break off leaving a burley/chum trail that leads fish directly to the back of your boat and onto your trolling lure spread.

Available in: 5 colors, 2 sizes 8" to 12"