The world's best baited trolling lure for game fishing! 4.02

Scent Blazer Trolling lures have the unique ability to be loaded with bait. Water intakes at the front allow water to pass over the bait inside leaving a trail of the bait's scent directly behind the lure which means predatory fish will not only see the lure but smell and taste what's inside. Also included with the lure is light sticks for night time fishing which insert into the hook lock at the back of the bait chamber. The hook lock allows you to fix your hooks in a locked position. The Scent Blazer lure's bait chamber can also be loaded with other fish attractants, lights, weights, rattles and sinkers allowing you to control the lure's scent, look and swimming action. These trolling lures are the ulitimate bait for all species of game fish and game fishermen who are smart enough to see obvious advantage of using a trolling lure that smells and tastes like a real bait fish.