Why use Scent Blazer Trolling Lures

"a true creator is necessity, which is the mother of our invention."

The Republic, Book II, 369c, Plato 427 BC - 347 BC and it is necessary for fishermen to catch fish!

Charter boat captains and recreational game fishermen have asked, "Why should I use a Scent Blazer Trolling Lure vs any other trolling lure that I already know works?"

Good question, well the answer is really simple, "SCENT BLAZER GIVES MORE OPTIONS TO GET A FISH TO TAKE YOUR LURE!"

As fishes we have all been in the situation where we come across a school of fish and no matter what lures you try none of them work. They are simply not interested. So you try every lure you have. Essentially your options are changing the lure shape, colour or size and even then you cannot get the fish to take your lures.


With Scent Blazer Trolling Lures, you have these other these addtional options at your disposal:

1.) Insert real bait inside the bait chamber of a Scent Blazer Trolling Lure so it tastes like a real fish. As the lure is trolled, It releases the scent of the bait inside which means they look, taste and smell like real fish.

We all know that a conventional trolling lure works and we also know that real bait works to catch fish. So wouldn't a trolling lure that has real bait inside so it smells like real bait works even better. it's not rocket science.

Scent Blazer trolling lures are ahybrid of trolling lures and real bait! ITS A FACT FISH CAN SMELL BAIT, USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

Try this tip with Scent Blazer Trolling Lures. When you catch a fish like a Tuna, Dolphin Fish, Dorado, Mackerel or any fish. If you plan to keep that fish for bait or to eat then cut open the fish and open it's stomach contents. 9 times out of 10, there is undigested bait fish inside. Take those undigested fish put them inside the bait chamber of your Scent Blazer Trolling Lures. You now have the actual bait that the fish in area are feeding on, you have matched the hatch 100%.

2.) Light up your lure. Add glow sticks and small LED lights inside the Scent Blazertrolling lures. The whole lure illuminates. Think about it, on dark overcast days, early morning, late afternoons and even at night there isn’t as much light. So think about it, if you were a fish under the water looking up and you see a light, could you see it. Of course it could also a lot of real fish and squid which fish prey upon have natural lumine scence, squid, calamari andother bait fishhave small electro magnetic fields inside them when means they can glow in the dark.

Also, when the seas are choppy and there are a lot of white caps and surface chop, your lure’s smoke trail blends in with those white caps that surface chop, so your lures are less visible in rough conditions. Put a light inside the lure and they become highly visible even in rough seas so the fish can easily spot them.

Adding small LED lights and glow stick inside the lures is easy, simply unscrew the bait chamberof Scent Blazer Trolling Lure, and insert directly.

3.) Add Weights and Rattles to make your lure noisy and to change the swimming action. Add sinkers and lead weights inside the lures. If your lure is not heavy enough because the wind increases or the seas become rougher, simply unscrew the bait chamber grab a few small sinkers and put them inside the lure. It is instantly heavier. You can also rig small sinkers and beads directly onto the trace. The sinkers and beads not only add weight to the lure but also act as rattles to make the lure noisier.

Just add beads onto the trace or place small rattles inside the lure to make the lure nice and noisy. You find that Rapala type lures and surface popping lure almost always have small ball bearing inside them to make them rattle which will attract fish to the lures.

Scent Blazer Trolling Lures have this rattle option by simply inserting beads orsmall sinkers inside the lures.

4.) Hook Lock. All Scent Blazer lures come with a hook lock which clips into the back of the lure and allows you to set the hook in a locked position. So the hook permanently sits in an upright position when trolled. This mean better hook ups in the top of the mouth for Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish and all species of game fish.

Why Scent Blazer Lures were invented

As the inventor of Scent Blazer Lures I have been a fanatical fishes since I was a kid and have been targeting game fish since the winter of 2005.

I mainly fish the Pacific waters off Sydney, Australia. Sydney Harbour or the more traditional name of Port Jackson is my home base. I have also game fished in Queensland and Western Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, USA, Fiji, Panama,Vanuatu and Brazil.

During the first 3 years of my game fishing experience, I used the most popular and common trolling lures and colours which were recommend to me by some of the best local offshore fishes based around Sydney and Pittwater. Pittwater is about 30km north from Sydney.I was targeting the typical gamefish species found off Sydney,which are mainly Tuna, Marlin and Dolphin Fish or Dorado or Mahi Mahi as they called them in other parts of the world.

On my fishing trips in those first 3 years, I observed something really interesting and frustrating, Marlin would often swim up behind the lures but not take the lure, they would come up,swim behind or alongside the lure and swim away without striking it at all. Sometimes they would come up behind another lure in the spread but not take that lure either. Of out of approximately 40 or so Marlin I saw behind the lures I estimated that only around 15 actually struck at the lures. Why?I guessed they simply weren’t buying the lure or the Marlin weren't hungry enough to strike at something they were unsure about.

Further to this, I installed a tow cam trolling camera which is an underwater camera that allowed us to view live video vision on my Ray marine E Series of the lures underwater. We literally could watch and record live footage of fish coming up on the lures. That way I could tell if there were more fish coming up to the lures and just looking at the lures before swimming away without striking them.

What I discovered while using the under water camera was amazing!

While watching the lures on the underwater camera I found that on any given day there were lots of fish would coming up behind the lures.  Tuna, Dolphin Fish and Marlin would actually be casually swimming up on the lures and swimming away without striking them.  Sometimes they would take the lures and other times just look at them and swim away. I estimated that more than half the fish behind the lures didn't strike at them all.

I realised then there were lots of times when we went fishing and we didn't get a strike all day and we would say "there are no fish out there". After installing the tow cam and viewing the under water footage,we realised that saying was a lie. We couldn't say that anymore. So from then on we had to say: "there were fish out there today but they didn't take any of our lures". There were times when I and the crew would observe schools of Dolphin Fish or Dorado and Tuna following the lures for 5 minutes or longer looking at the lures but not striking them. It looked like the fish were actually trying to work out whether the lure was something they could actually eat.

As fishermen we love to go fishing and sometimes we have a good day even if we don’t catch anything, it's just great to get out on the ocean, in the sunshine and on the blue water and the reality is, it’s a big huge ocean and we don't always find fish, but we do go out there to try and catch fish, that's our thing and what turns a good day into a great day is catching some fish so yes we want every advantage possible.

The game fish were there they just weren't biting the lures. Why?

I was using the best lures in the market and seeking out advice on which lures to use from some of the best game fishes around Sydney and Pittwater.

In my fourth year of game fishing, I decided to change my game fishing tactics completely to see if I could better results doing things differently. I ditched the lures altogether and I started trolling skip baits, using live bait and rigged baits. In terms of strikes the real baits worked a lot better than the lures. Almost every time a Marlin, Tuna or Dolphin Fish came up on trolled baits, they almost always took a bite, we didn't always hook up but the fish definitely struck at the baits which at least gives you chance of catching them.

But using baits for trolling had some pretty significant disadvantages like:

- Fresh bait was not always available

- The bait didn’t stay on the hook very well in choppy or rough conditions

- You would constantly have to tend to baits and see if they had fallen off and they were swimming correctly

- Half the bait would get bitten off

- You would have to rig baits all day long because the baits would break down every few hours

- You can only troll at slow speeds

- You can't use soft oily baits like sardines or pilchards they break down too quickly when trolled

-The most significant disadvantage of using bait for trolling is that you can't cover ground. You have to troll at 4 knots all day.  With trolling lures you can easily troll at 8-10 knots so you cover twice as much ground. It's a big ocean out there, you need to find the fish first before you can catch them and you will cover twice the area trolling at 8 knots with lures.

The solution is common sense!

These are the conclusions I drew from my fishing experience and more importantly viewing the underwater footage which tells me the truth:

- The fish were interested in all trolling lures to a point where they would have a good look at the lure but not necessarily take or bite at the lure. More than 50% of the time they won't strike at the lure.

- Using real bait the fish would almost always bite at the bait, but trolling bait has lots of disadvantages, is more work and you don’t cover as much of the ocean because you can't troll very fast using rigged baits and you can't use soft baits such pilchards or sardines which is often the best bait fish to use because all types of fish feed on them.

The solution is really quite simple, make a lure that you can put real bait inside, so the lure becomes scented like real bait fish.  Scent Blazer Trolling Lures are the hybrid of the trolling lure and natural bait. THEY LOOK, SMELL AND TASTE LIKE A FISH!

Additionally because of their design they have other benefits such as:

- Easily adding or removing weights/sinkers to the lures to make them heavier or lighter to suit conditions

- Adding lights and glow sticks inside the lures to make them light up in poor light conditions and making them more visible in rough conditions or for night fishing.

- Easily adding rattles or beads inside the lures to make them noisy

- Hook locks, so you can set the hook upwards to get a better hook-up especially on billfish

I have tested the lures extensively. Scent Blazer Trolling Lures with bait inside them typically out fished unbaited trolling lures by about 5 to 1 and most importantly fish will almost always strike at the lure and let's face it if the fish doesn't strike at your lure, you can't catch it.

Happy Fishing!

Peter, Scent Blazer Lures

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