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Scent Blazer Scent Teaser

If you have never used a scented trolling teaser then please read on. We all know when fishing, scent is the best way to attract fish to your hook. Using fresh bait and chumming and burling up is a good start to any day fishing. We now have a way to do this when trolling and we would like to introduce you to the Scent Blazer Trolling Teaser.


Scent Blazer's patented Teasers have the same principle as the trolling lures. In the front of the Teaser there is a water intake which connects into a large chamber inside the teaser. The teaser screws apart and can be loaded with bait and scent. It is like trolling a large splashing, thrashing burley case around the ocean.

Design of Scent Blazer bowling pin trolling teaser.

As the teaser is trolled, the water from the intakes put pressure on the bait inside which is pushed against the holes on the side of the teaser. The bait and its scent are continually being pushed out those holes and into the water. In addition to these little bits of bait break off periodically leaving a trail of bait leading back to the boat.

Scent Blazer pink trolling scent teaser.

Scent Blazer game fishing tackle has a range of pink bubble-gum trolling teasers. Do not be fooled by the pretty pink colour, these trolling teasers are the best bet to add to your trolling spread. They are built to last and have real power to attract big game fish when loaded with bait or chum.

Game fishing teaser splash.


In the early days when there was no Scent Blazer teasers, we would go out fishing looking for fish, and through our Tuna seasons we would move from one spot to the next as the Tuna would rise feeding on small bait fish using a lot of time and fuel.

On one of these trips, our head of research said, 'I wish they would chase us'. The next time we went fishing our head of research turned up with the strange looking homemade teaser and unlike any other teaser had a large chamber and wholes all through it. We then took off fishing and once we got to the fishing ground, we set the fishing spread and started trolling. Our head of research then took out his new 'toy' teaser, it was no toy. After rigging a strong tow rope then screwing the top off and pushing large handfuls of bait then screwing the top on and tossing it into the water and trolled it in the wash.


Old Development Versions
History and development of Scent Blazer teasers.

After only a few miles we had a Tuna hook-up. We then took the scented teaser out and kept trolling the area, NOTHING. We add the scented teaser back into the spread and a few miles on, another hook-up. Our head of research then tested this over some months. It was working, so it was made better and shared with others and this is the product we now sell.

When these teasers were first made, we had a range of colours and patterns and after testing and feedback we found that the pink colour was the best for all types of game fishing. Below was the old range, and are now very collectable, yet the pink teaser works a lot better.

Old range of trolling teasers How it works.

How it works

Scent Blazer Trolling Teasers works by adding a scent smell behind the back of the boat. When looking at the teaser it has two parts. One part is what we call the head that has a flat slant head with holes and the other end we call the tail has a point. This teaser can be trolled in either way.

How water flows through the bait teasers.

Teaser Sizes

These bowling pin teasers come in two sizes. The small one is 8 inches or 20cm. The larger one is 12 inches or 30cm in length and both come in a pink colour with the same shape.

8" / 20cm Teasers
Diagram of an eight inch scent teaser.


12" / 30cm Teasers
Diagram of a twelve-inch scent teaser.


Big Game Fish Teaser

When trolling for big game fish it is a must to have teasers with scent in your trolling spread. We use scented teaser chains and strip teasers on most trolling lines. The billfish have a keen sense of smell and detect scent from miles away. Using Scent Blazer scented teaser help draw the fish to the back of the boat. We found that a pink teaser we use is a lot to be like a squid to a billfish.

Below is an image of a Marlin taking a pink trolling lure, and yes, they love the pink colour.

Photo of a marlin kissing a pink trolling lure.

Trolling Conditions

Due to the design of the Scent Blazer Teaser can be trolled in two ways. When trolled with the slant head at the front the teaser will dive and jig around through the water and makes large splashes and in the reverse with the pointy end will cut through the water with little splashing and is best trolled when in rough water waves and bad weather. Trolling with the point at the front is also a good way to cut through all types of swell and you can also add weight to keep it down in the water.

Trolling teaser water splash.


Trolling teaser chain wave ripple.

Rigging A Scent Teaser

It is easy to rig a scented trolling teaser. All you need is the list of items below. And have a look at the video on How To rig a Scent Blazer Trolling Teaser.

1x Scented Trolling Teaser
2x 2.8mm Double Crimps - Copper
4x Barrel Rigging Beads 1x 235mm Scent Blazer soft rigging sleeve
2x 3mm x 35mm clear Soft Protector Tubing
1x 272 kilograms (600 pounds) x 1 meters (1/2 fathoms or 3 feet) monofilament line

Diagram of ways to rig a trolling teaser.

We recommend using a strong rope to attach the teasers to back of the boat. When you find the best position, it is good to make a knot to mark the correct distance and easy to hook onto a moving cleat. It is also good to make a few knots that will help with the grab when pulling in quickly on hook-up at the time when boredom fades away and the chaos begins in pulling in the lines.

Teaser Rattle

These teasers can also be rigged so they rattle. By adding large beads and small beads inside the teaser will make a clicking sound when trolled. This is very handy to bring fish to the bite.

Pink teaser.

Types of Scent

You can stuff with Squid, Sardines, and fish bits inside the game teasers so when it's towed it will leave a massive smoke trail and scent in the water column. When we do hook-up, we gut when warm and add guts to the trolling teaser. And all fishers know that fresh is best when it comes to bait.

Types of baits you can use in a scent teaser.


Teaser full of bait ready to be trolled.

Teasers in The Spread

Scent teasers can be used on all types of boats from small to large fishing boat and have had a lot of success with teaser chain on sail boats with two lures out, one large and on small out the back for tuna.

The best place in a full trolling spread for these teasers are on the Long Flat and Shot Flat trolling position. As the boat wash pass through this position it will be filled with bait scent from the trolling teaser and fall back into the bubble wash of the boat. This trolling spot is also easy to watch and makes it easy to be the first thing to remove on hook-up.

Layout of a trolling spread with teasers.


Full spread of trolling lures and teasers.

Where in The Spread

The best position to have your scent teaser is in the bubble wash at the back of the boat. As each boat and speed differs you need to test a few spots to see what is best for you and your setup.

Deep sea finishing boat trolling waves and bubble trail.

Trolling a Teaser Chain

A Scent Blazer teaser chain is the best solution for exciting all species of predatory big game fish. All Marlin species and Spearfish. Mahi Mahi, Dorado, Dolphinfish, and all other species of Tuna small and large. Fill teaser with chum, bait, or burley. When trolling this will lead big game fish back to your boat.

How to rig a chain of trolling big game fish teasers.


Chain of trolling teasers.


Rigged and ready to go trolling teaser chain.

Teaser with Skirts

Scented trolling teasers can also be rigged with skirts. These skirts are rigged at the back of the teaser and help keep the teaser stable and make it look more like a large fish with a strong tail movement.

Teaser rigged with purple and pink trolling skirt.


Scent Teaser rigged with large lure skirt.

Teaser Storage Bags

When fishing for Billfish we always use teasers and because we use teaser chain, we need to carry them around. Scent Blazer has a teaser bag that is made for this purpose. Teaser bag with teaser pocket made in blue and black trimmed with yellow embroidery. Made for heavy duty use and with comfortable handle for ease of transportation. Teaser bag measures 50cm by 13cm rolled up and 50cm by 43cm long and has one large enclosed pocket 50cm x 30cm with Velcro and weave mesh on the back.

Scent Blazer teaser tackle bag.
Scent Blazer Crew

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