ON SALE Green Luminator 12" 30cm Medium Pusher Skirted Trolling Lure.
Trolling lure with real bait inside. WATCH VIDEO
12"/30cm Pusher Head Trolling Lure Green Luminator $111.99 $34.99 USD


LED lights and glow sticks can be used in this lure to make it glow. One of the best glowing lures green Luminator 30cm or 12in medium size pusher head trolling lure with chamber and bait stick. With skirt code SK13-16 and SK13-15.

Popping swimming action.

Recommended Rigging:
100-200lb leader with a single 9/0 or 10/0 trolling lure hook.

Barcode: 9344369001836U
Vendor: Scent Blazer