Inserting and Removing Bait Scent

Inserting Bait

1. Unscrew the Bait Chamber from the trolling lure head.

Unscrew Scent Blazer trolling lure.

2. Cut a piece of bait and insert it into the Bait Chamber. You don’t have to cut the bait too fine, a piece that is about the same size as the Bait Chamber of the trolling lure is suitable. Use any kind of bait or like or use combinations, like squid and sardines together. Create your own bait cocktails to put inside the trolling lures.

Try to use baits are local to you fishing area, you will find they work better because that is what the local fish are feeding on.

If you want to make the trolling lures as natural as possible put bait inside that matches the color of the trolling lure. For example put Sardines inside a Sardine colored trolling lure, put Skipjack Tuna inside a Skipjack Tuna colored lure, put Squid inside a Bronze Squid colored trolling lure, etc, etc.

This means when a predatory game fish comes up behind a Scent Blazer trolling lure it will beleive it is a real bait fish. Think about it, the trolling lure is the right color in relation the scent and smell of the lure just like real bait fish. So the pelagic fish will think the trolling lure is real and they will strike and strike again at the lure until its hooked.

Push bait into the lure bait chamber.

3. Use the bait stick that comes with lure to push the bait into the bait chamber if required.

Push bait into lure scent chamber.

4. Screw the Bait Chamber back onto the trolling lure and get ready to catch game fish.

Removing the bait from the lure

1. Unscrew the Bait Chamber and Cone Pieces.

Remove bait by un screwing lure chamber.

2. Use the thicker end of the Bait Stick supplied to simply push out the bait from the Bait Chamber. Any bait that in the head of the trolling lure or in the Cone Peices can removed by using the hook end of the Bait Stick.

Use bait stick to push scent our of lure.

IMPORTANT: Remember to remove the all the remaining bait from the trolling lure at the end of the days fishing before putting your lures away.