ON SALE Ballyhoo 12" 30cm Medium Smoker Skirted Trolling Lure.
Trolling lure with real bait inside. WATCH VIDEO
12"/30cm Smoker Head Trolling Lure Ballyhoo $111.99 $34.99 USD


Medium Smoker head Ballyhoo with silver foil belly and silver flecks skirt with blue and silver with dark blue stripes and angled black stripes 30cm 12in long trolling lure good for catching large Dorado. Skirt code SK13-12 and SK13-11.

Bubble trail swimming action.

Recommended Rigging:
100-200lb leader with a single 9/0 or 10/0 trolling lure hook.

Barcode: 9344369001973U
Vendor: Scent Blazer