Ballyhoo Trolling Skirts 8" 20cm.
Trolling lure with real bait inside. WATCH VIDEO
8"/20cm Trolling Skirt Ballyhoo $11.99 USD


2x Saury or Ballyhoo trolling lure skirt 20cm or 8" long with blue and silver with dark blue stripes along the top and angled black stripes along each side. Comes in a pack of two lure skirts with a 3/4 inch or 19mm neck and made tough from high quality meterial and can be used for inner skirt or outer skirt on 8 inch or 20cm trolling lures used in game fishing.

1 Pack of two
10 Packs of two

SKU: SK08-11x1
Barcode: 9344369003267x1
Vendor: Scent Blazer