Professional fishers lure pack for all types of fish.
Trolling lure with real bait inside. WATCH VIDEO
Lure Packs Professional $420.00 USD


Pack includes 7 lures in a range of sizes and 2 large scent teasers for one low price and ready to use. This spread is designed for professional fishers and all you need to catch all types of game fish. The three trolling teasers are rigged in one long chain to bring fish to the back of the boat.


1x 18"/45cm - 1x 15"/38cm - 1x 12"/30cm - 1x 9½"/24cm - 1x 8"/20cm - 1x 6"/15cm - 1x 4½"/11cm


2x 12"/30cm


- Lures + Teasers + Rigged

- Lures + Teasers + Rigged + Swag Bag + Teaser Bag

- Lures + Teasers + Rigged + Swag Bag + Teaser Bag + 5x Strip

Lures may change due to availability.

Vendor: Scent Blazer