ON SALE Yellowfin Tuna 8" 20cm Mini Smoker Skirted Trolling Lure.
Trolling lure with real bait inside. WATCH VIDEO
8"/20cm Smoker Head Trolling Lure Yellowfin Tuna $63.99 $19.99 USD


20cm 8in mini smoker head trolling lure with vertical white stripes and blue and gold comes with baitstick and bait chum chamber. Scent Blazer skirt codes SK08-14 and SK08-13. Add tuna to the chum chamber for real bait scent.

Bubble trail swimming action.

Recommended Rigging:
100-200lb leader with a single 7/0 or 8/0 trolling lure hook.

Barcode: 9344369000860U
Vendor: Scent Blazer