Dale Bisson Testimonial

I have fished Lake Athabasca in Saskatchewan each year for the past 12 years and tried every lure for lake trout I could find.

Last year, I tried a Scent Blazer Mini Slant Scoop Head green luminator. The other two fishermen were using the two lures known to be the most successful in use on Lake Athabasca. Using the Scent Blazer, I out fished the other two 4:1. The Scent Blazer also caught the biggest fish over two days. I caught 3 lake trout over 40 pounds and another four in the thirties and many in the twenties. On the third day, I let my friend who had caught the least use the Scent Blazer and he out fished me 3:1 and caught the two biggest fish.

Last September, I went back for the fall lake trout run. We all used Scent Blazers. I could only troll 100 yards before we had a fish on and caught many lake trout from 20 to 30 pounds. It is by far the hottest lure for lake trout I have ever seen.

I also tried it on salmon in Alaska trolling off the back of the boat with a 20 ounce weight. It only went down about 6 feet, but it caught as much as the lures on downriggers at 25 feet.

Dale Bisson, Fort Pierre, SD
Dale Bisson lake trout using a trolling lure.
Red & Black Squid 8" 20cm Mini Smoker Skirted Trolling Lure.
Caught on a Red & Black Squid Mini Smoker Trolling Lure

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