Lee Campbell Testimonial

Love this product use to cover thimble mono cable connection and also used trimmed ends to cover cable then seal with clear heat shrink. Also use to cover mono to hook double leader to length needed use loop protector twist line slide rigging sleeve over. Nice to have stuff to play with lock down for a month now. One idea make one shorter and designed to cover the mono cable thimble,loop protector connection so much better than tape.

Starting using the rigging sleeves much better over the cable mono crimp connection than tape depends on how they hold up over the long run. Also when lure head does not have a hook lock glue 1 in holds the hook in perfect position for both tracking and adds to the percentage of hook ups. Use the tube part over crimp cable cut to fit then use clear heat shrink. Then side the hook protector end over the crimp mono thimble connection, in place of tape. Rigging sleeves comes in many colors. If the mono cable part does not hold up just use tape-but I like the tube part clear heat shrink use color to match lure.

Lee Campbell
Rigging with sleeves on trolling hook.
Rigging with Scent Blazer Sleeves

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