Patrick Mounier Testimonial

Patrick Mounier, is a brand new Scent Blazer customer in New Caledonia. He reported "Scent Blazer Lures and teaser do work!! Went out for a small test this afternoon, However, I lost one lure to a large Wahoo who cut it off and now I will have to order again !! ?? Attached photo for you, thanks for those great lures!"

Patrick said: "So far I only used my Scent Blazer lures once because lately the weather has not been so good here. The only time I used them, I trolled at only 8 to 8,5 knots as I had other lures in the spread. That afternoon I got one nice Wahoo and lost a second one (and the Scent Blazer lure) because the Wahoo cut the leader. Both fish on the Scent Blazer lures, nothing on the other lures. I was also very happy with the big teaser which Scent Blazer sent me for free, now I have two and I will rig them together in a chain next time!"

Scent Blazer Crew
Patrick Mounier Large Wahoo.
Ballyhoo 12" 30cm Medium Slant Skirted Trolling Scented Lure.
Hooked on a Ballyhoo 12" 30cm Medium Scented Lure

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