Josh Walden Testimonial

G day legends my name is Josh Walden and im 27yrs old, I am from Sydney and live and breath fishing and especially game fishing.

Happy to announce a Scent Blazer trolling lure caught me my first bluefin and gave me a great memory for life.

We had left Rose Bay at 9:00am in high hopes to catch our first Bluefin. We hit our spot south east of Browns and start to work the area pulling Scent Blazer Teasers filled with Pilchards. At around 1:30 the long rigger goes off with the Scent Blazer lure and I'm on! The first run took about 400m of line and I knew I was into a serious fish. For the next 55mins I slowly get my line back and Damo gets a good gaff shot and it’s on-board. Awesome day and awesome memories.

It was caught off sydney and the boat was Reef magic and the Bluefin Tuna was 70kgs. We used Scent Blazer Red/Black trolling the lures.

We cut up and put pilchards inside the lure's bait chamber so the lure was releasing pilchard scent when it was trolled.

Thanks guys

Josh Walden

Josh Walden big Bluefin Tuna caught with a Scent Blazer trolling lure.
Red & Black Squid 12" 30cm Medium Smoker Skirted Trolling Lure.
Hooked on Red & Black Squid 12" 30cm Medium Smoker

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