Manthos Papadopoulos Testimonial

My father and I set off out of Botany head and headed north travelling to the Sydney FAD using our Scent Blazer lures, one nano, a medium lure and a small lure. Alongside our lures we had our Scent Blazer teaser all loaded with Sardines.

After many hours of unsuccessful fishing we passed a 50 foot boat circling around the Sydney FAD which also seemed to have no success. As we kept travelling we decided to replace our baits in the lures with more fresh Sardines.

Soon after our rod went off. This was the biggest catch we have caught, and one of the biggest Dorados.

Manthos Papadopoulos hooks and lands large Dorado on Scent Blazer trolling lure.
Pink trolling teaser 12" or 30cm.
Used Pink trolling teaser 12" or 30cm Long

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