Michael Turcin Testimonial

Put the boat in at 3am in Port Hacking and loaded up on live bait. Headed out the heads with a plan to hit the FAD and see if we could land some Dollies. Hit some nice current lines a few kms out of the heads and with a bit of swell and wind we were only managing 7 or 8 knots. So we thought we might throw out some lures and do a troll to the FAD hoping we could pick up bigger Dollie on the way. I had just gotten some new teasers (after losing my last lot) and had put them out behind the boat as well, just running a skirt on each side.

About a kilometre from the FAD one of the rods gets hit, and line starts peeling off. We quickly cleared the lines and teasers and I get stuck into the fight. First sight of the fish was his blue sail, and silver flank, before he peeled off for another run. My deckie was already sick and having a spew as I brought in the fish again for a better look. I instantly thought Marlin until he was close to the boat and realised he didn't have a bill. I handed the rod over and gaffed him myself.

He had hit the Scent Blazer lure. A small Slant Head in Red/Black squid colour. I'd been watching how well it had been trailing in the wash, but had missed the hookup.

A rare catch but a very welcome fish to open my big fish account.

Michael Turcin
Spearfish landed by Michael Turcin on Scent Blazer Lure.
Red & Black Squid 9½" 24cm Small Slant Skirted Trolling Lure.
Hooked with a Red & Black Squid 9½" 24cm Small Lure

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