Roger O' Sullivan Testimonial

The above photo is the 2nd Marlin caught this weekend, a few chunks still being taken out of tail by sharks (can still see them around tail 6 feet down). This Blue Marlin still weighed in at 92kg (after chunks bitten off).

Notice Scent Blazer lure. Chris at the weigh in of this Marlin below at Lae Yacht Club. Roger on the right with our first Marlin caught on Saturday. We had only been trolling 20 minutes with our Teasers and lures when we hooked up.

Roger O'Sullivan
Roger O'Sullivan catches Marlin on scented lure.
Skipjack Tuna 15" 38cm Large Slant Skirted Scented Trolling Lure.
Hooked on Skipjack Tuna 15" 38cm Large Lure

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