Rigging Teaser Chain

Scent Blazer big game teasers can easily rigged into teaser chains by rigging multiple 8" and 12" teasers onto the leader. You can use as many teasers as you like.

Scent Blazer bowling pin teasers have the unique feature that game fisherman can insert bait/burley/chum inside the teaser. There are holes at the front the teaser which allows water to enter the teaser when trolled. This pushes bait against the holes along the side which break off to leave leave a chum trail while it's trolled. Game fish can follow the trail to the back of your boat.

What you need

Scent Blazer 8" and 12" bowling pin teasers, 400-600lb mono leader/trace, crimps, pvc tubing

Step 1

Unscrew the teaser and run a leader through the small hole at the back of the teaser and at through the centre hole on the front piece of the teaser. If the holes are not big enough to fit the trace use a small drill to make the hole bigger.

Unscrew trolling teaser.
Step 2

Crimp a loop at the front and back of the trace/leader. Use a piece of the PVC tube to cover the loop this protects the trace/leader from chaffing.

Rig teaser with trace or leader.
Step 3

Add more bowling pin teasers to the chain. To do this slide a crimp down leader/trace and crimp it down about 60-90cm/2-3ft in front the end teaser. The fastened crimp will act as a stopper, slide another Scent Blazer teaser down the leader.

To add more game fishing teaser simply repeat this step, you can as many teasers as you like in any combination of the 8” and 12” of bowling pin teasers.

Use crips to spread teasers along line.
Step 4

Attach the front loop of the teaser rig to the teaser cord. Cut up or use whole fish, squid, chum, burley to insert in side the teasers. Unscrew the each teaser and place the fish burley inside.

8" teasers we recommend using softer baits like mackeral, sardines, pilchards and saury because the bait will break down more easily and leave a chum/burley trail while trolling.

12" bowling teaser work better with big chunks of fish, whole fish or squid, fish heads, fish guts, half a Skipjack Tuna or Bonito are ideal. Put a few nicks into the bait as well so they break down and natural oil and bits

Fill teaser with bait scent and start trolling.