2 Hook Rig for Scent Blazer Trolling Lures

2 hook rigs for trolling lures are extremely popular around the world. The hooks are rigged in tandem one behind the other. The main reason is that common sense suggests that a 2 hooks would have twice the chance of hooking a game fish compared to 1 to a one hook rig.

IGFA regulations specifies that one hook or two hooks can be used when rigging trolling lures. The rules are quite specific in terms of the positioning the hooks, spacing and where the hooks are positoned in relation the trolling lure's skirt. So if you planning to usea a two hook trolling rigs in a IGFA certified game fishing tournment please ensure go to www.igfa.org and download the rule book. You won't want to catch a grander marlin only to have it disqualifed because of hook's positioning.

What you need

Scent Blazer trolling lure, trolling lure hook, mono leader/trace, wire trace, crimps, crimping pliers, rigging sleeves (optional).

Step 1

Unscrew cone piece from your trolling lure. Cut the mono leader/trace to your prefered length. (See IGFA www.igfa.org for trace lengths if fishing in tournaments, this is also a good guide for all recreational game fisherman as well).

Leader/trace recommendations are specified on the front of the packaging on all Scent Blazer trolling lures.

Run the leader through the middle hole of your Scent Blazer lure and bring it through the middle of the bait chamber, cone piece and hook lock.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the Scent Blazer single hook trolling lure rig you do not use the bait chamber. For the 2 hook trolling lure rig the cone piece is screwed directly onto the head of the trolling lure. The bait is placed inside the chamber inside the trolling lure head instead of the bait chamber. This configuration still allows the scent of the bait inside to be released out the back of the trolling via the holes in the cone piece. A smaller amount of bait is needed for this rig.

The reason the cone piece is ommited from the 2 hook trolling lure rig is because the 2 hook rig requires more space to fit the 2 hooks inside the trolling lure’s skirt. Scent Blazers designed it’s trolling lures so the cone piece can be screwed directly onto the lure head or screwed onto the bait chamber, the pieces are universal.

OPTIONAL: You can also thread beads or tungsten sinkers onto to leader/trace. The beads will act as rattle inside the lure. The tungsten sinker will make the lure heavier if desired and also act as rattle hitting the inside of the lure, plus the tungsten sinker hits the bait inside chamber constantly pushing it towards outer holes of the bait chamber, so it helps the bait break off and leave a stronger scent trail.

Step 2

Screw the cone piece together onto to the lure and clip the hook lock back onto the cone piece.

Crimp a loop at end of the line. Use a plastic or pvc tubing to cover the loop to protect the leader.

Step 3

Using a shackle attach your two hook to the loop at the end of the lure. Push the crimp of the loop inside the hook lock about half way in.

You can either make up the 2 hook rig yourself or can buy them ready made. If you are making them up yourself we recommend you use Scent Blazer rigging sleeves instead of heat shrink its easy to use for making up 2 hook rigs and they come in range of 6 colors to which adds color to your trolling lure.

Step 4

Crimp a loop other end so it can be attached to a snap ball bearing swivel. Preferrably use a a protective PVC or plastic cover over the loop to protect the leader/trace from chaffing. You can also cut off a small piece of a rigging sleeve to use as the protective cover.

Step 5

Pick a day with a good weather forecast, get a few mates together and go game fishing!

Take care fishing, safety is always a priority.

And remember to help conserve our fish stocks by releasing anything you don’t want for dinner.