Rigging 2 Hook Rig

Rigging sleeves can be used instead of heak shink for rigging 2 hook rigs on trolling lures. The benefit of using Scent Blazer rigging sleeves is you don’t need a heat gun and you can easily rig a 2 hook rig trolling lure rig anywhere.

Scent Blazer rigging sleeves come in 5 colours which also allows to you add extra color to your trolling lure.

Step 1

Crimp hook onto a wire or mono trace/leader and make at the other end. Cut the rigging sleeve to a length so it cover about the half the length of the trace and slide it over the rig.

Cut rigging sleeves with scissors or wire cutters.

Push rigging sleeve over hook eye.
Step 2

Cut the thicker end of another rigging sleeve to approximately half the length of the hook shank and slide it over the hook. Slide the trace through the sleeve.

Linking two hooks together using rigging sleeve.
Step 3

Position the loop of the trace top of the eye of the hook and the 2 hook trolling rig is ready to be attached the lure by a shackle.

Two hook trolling rig using Scent Blazer rigging sleeve.