Rigging Teaser Inserting and Removing Bait

All Scent Blazer big game teasers can be loaded with chum / fish / burley. The teaser can be screwed apart and chum / fish / burley inserted inside. The teaser has water intakes at the front and holes along the side.

When the bowling pin teaser is trolled water enters from the front holes and places pressure on the bait inside which pushes against the holes along the side. The bait breaks off slowly and leaves a chum/burley trail which leads fish directly to back of your boat.

What you need

A rigged Scent Blazer teaser (see Single Teaser Rig or Teaser Chains), bait, burley or chum

Inserting Bait

1. Unscrew the teaser.

Unscrew chum teaser.

2. Prepare the bait/chum/burley to place inside the teaser.

Recommended baits/burley/chum for 8" teasers

Load with smaller baits like sardines, pilchards, ballyhoo, squid, scad, slimey mackerel, mackerel. Burley/chum pellets can also be added along with the bait. Don't cut the bait too finely as it will come aof the side holes too quickly, Insert bigt chunks of bait or whole fish for the best results. The water pressure will tear off small pieces of bait as you troll the game fishing teaser.

Types of bait scent your can add to a trolling teaser.
Recommended baits/burley/chum for 8" teasers

Load with big baits and keep the bait in one piece if possible. Half a of a skipjack tuna, any small tuna, mackeral or bonito is ideal. Fish heads, fish guts, large chunks of fish or whole squid are also great inside the 12" bowling pin teaser. When trolling the bowling pin teaser the water presssure will slowly rip and tear off small pices of bait leaving a burley/chum trail behind you boat.

Cut chunks of fish and add to trolling teaser.

3. Place the bait/chum/burley inside the game fishing teaser and screw pieces together. The bowling pin teaser is ready to use.

Screw teaser parts together and start trolling.

IMPORTANT: Keep an eye on your teasers when using them, often fish will attack the teasers before your trolling lures, especially if you are not using Scent Blazer trolling lures. The reason is because the teasers with the bait inside them are more appealing than the other lures plastic and resin lures you are running. If that happens get them out of the water as quickly as possible so they go for one of your lures. DON’T FORGET TO REMOVE ALL THE REMAING BAIT FROM INSIDE THE TEASER AT THE END OF YOUR FISHING DAY before putting your teaser away.