1 Hook Rig for Scent Blazer Trolling Lures

Single hook rigging on Scent Blazer trolling lures is easy. 1 hook trolling hook rigs are preferred as they have a lower mortality rate on any fish that is caught and released. Single hook trolling rigs have much less chance of damaging the fish.

They are ideal for all game fish like marlin, tuna, dolphin fish, dorado, wahoo and mackerel.

What you need

Scent Blazer trolling lure, trolling lure hook, mono leader/trace, crimps, crimping pliers, rigging sleeves (optional).

Step 1

Unscrew the bait chamber and cone piece from your trolling lure. Cut the mono leader or trace to your preferred length. (See IGFA for trace lengths if fishing in tournaments, this is also a good guide for all recreational game fishermen as well).

Leader/trace recommendations are specified on the front of the packaging on all Scent Blazer trolling lures.

Run the leader through the middle hole of your Scent Blazer lure and bring it through the middle of the bait chamber, cone piece and hook lock.

OPTIONAL: You can also thread beads or tungsten sinkers onto to leader/trace. The beads will act as rattles inside the lure. The tungsten sinker will make the lure heavier if desired and also act as rattle hitting the inside of the lure, plus the tungsten sinker hits the bait inside the chamber constantly pushing it towards outer holes of the bait chamber, so it helps the bait break off and leave a stronger scent trail.

1 Hook or Single Hook Rig for Scent Blazer Trolling Lures
Step 2

Screw the bait chamber, cone piece together onto the lure and clip the hook lock back onto the cone piece.

Slide 2 crimps down onto the end of leader/trace. Thread the trolling lure hook through the leader/trace and bring it back through the 2 crimps.

OPTIONAL: You can also cut a length of Scent Blazer rigging sleeve to size to cover the entire hook section of the rig. It keeps the hook straigther and adds color to the lure. Rigging sleeves come in 6 colors.

Rigging trolling lure with rigging sleve.
Step 3

Use the crimping pliers to crimp down the crimp closest to the hook. Slide the 2nd crimp up and adjust the length to determine where the hook is positioned in relation to the skirt of the lure. Some sports fishermen perfer the hook sitting just outside the skirt, while other game fishermen prefer it inside the skirt. (See IGFA for positioning of the hooks in game fishing/trolling lures, this is also a good guide for all recreational game fishermen as well).

Crimp down the 2nd crimp and slide the rigging sleeve over the crimps and trolling lure hook.

Push the 2nd crimp hard into the hook lock so the crimp goes about half way or more into the hook lock. Rotate the crimp so the hook is in the desired direction. The hook lock is soft PVC material you can force the crimp inside it. Use long nosed pliers to push the crimp inside the hook lock if necessary.

Rig skirted trolling lure with sleeve and crimp into hook lock.
Step 4

Crimp a loop other end so it can be attached to a snap ball bearing swivel. Preferably use a protective PVC or plastic cover over the loop to protect the leader/trace from chaffing. You can also cut off a small piece of a sleeves.

Used rigging sleeve to finish trolling lure.
Step 5

Go fishing! Tell the partner that you're going game fishing. If they object find a new one who embraces your passion for fishing, there are plenty of fish in the sea. (Try adultmatchmaker.com, LOL!)

Take care fishing, safety is always your priority.

And remember to help conserve our fish stocks by releasing anything you don’t want for dinner.