Rigging Teaser with Rattles & Floats

Unlike any bowling pin teaser in the market today Scent Blazer teaser have unique feature to be screwed apart which accessed a hollow chamber inside the teaser.

The main function of this feature is to insert, bait, chum or burley inside the teaser which leaves a burley trail.

The added benefit of Scent Blazer design is the ability to load other items like floats and rattles inside the teaser. Floats can change the way the teaser swims and rattles can be added which makes the teaser noisy.

What you need

A rigged Scent Blazer teaser (see Single Teaser Rig or Teaser Chains), foam or plastic fishing floats, rattle fishing floats, balloons

Inserting rattles

Rattles can be added alongside your bait/chum/burley inside the teaser, not only will the teaser leave a chum trail but also it will be incredibly noisy as well. The rattle will hit against in the inside walls of the game fishing teaser making it even more noiser than normal.

Float type rattles as shown below are ideal to use inside Scent Blazer teasers and are availabe at most local fishing tackle shops. Inserting them inside the teaser is incredibily easy, just unscrew the teaser and place float/rattle inside or you can rig them onto the trace if desired.

Rigging teaser with rattles.

Unscrew the game fishing teaser and insert a fishing float ratle to make the teaser noisier.

Inserting floats or weights

The main purpose of the inserting floats or weights inside the teaser is to alter the swimming action. The normal swimming action of the teaser is aggressive and the teaser tends to dig in just below the surface to leave a big bubble trail.

However if you want to make the teaser swim across the suface of the water simply unscrew the teaser and insert something with air inside it, a balloon (as shown below), a pill bottle, a block of foam or a regular fishing float or cork. This will change the bouyancy of the teaser and make the swimming action more of a skitterish action along the surface of the water.

Alternatively if the angler wants to make the teaser dig in under the water then weights or sinkers can be added inside. Fishing sinker can be used for the weights.

With Scent Blazer game fishing teasers the sports fisherman is in control of the teasers action and alter the action on the spot and its as simple as unscrewing the teaser and adding either a floation object or weight inside.

Rigging teaser with floats.

Balloons are easy to use as floats inside Scent Blazer teasers. With balloons angler can easily control how much floatation it gives the teaser by amount of air they blow into the balloon.